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It wasn’t predicted. Snowballed by an unprecedented global crisis, suddenly R&B-rapper-songwriter  Bosco Babyy , was forced to alter his artistic direction, as the world hovered on the brink of change. Distancing, he emersed himself in his music to record 15 tracks, and 3 snippets in just 28 hours to deliver his second profesionally recorded project, DAYS WE FORGET.Days We Forget was coproduced by Billboard chart topping producer "TRYBISHOP" whose credits range from JID,SZA. and AKon.As well as Atlantic records signed producer "SAMPEEZY". Zaza the lead single of Days We Forget peaked at #8 on DRT Global Top 150 Independent Airplay Charts. As well as breaking the Top 100 on DRT GLOBAL TOP 200 AIRPLAY CHARTS.

“I put everything into my music and used it as fuel to portray the character on each song,” he says. “In this new norm, our futures are uncertain. A subconscious fear I have is finally being successful and then the world ends” he admits. 

Born in Okinawa, Japan, Bosco Babyy is no stranger to change. The 23-year old who was raised on a military base for the early years of his life, by his father who spoke fluent Japanese and his mother who wrote stage plays that he’d perform in at the church his family attended, was born into the arts. 

The family later returned to the States, setting up life in the DMV. It was during his senior year  where he let some of his friends hear a song  he dropped on Soundcloud. “They trashed it. I got clowned and it hurt my pride... but I kept dropping and eventually gained the respect of everyone who doubted me. The hate poured fuel on the fire and inspired me to try harder each time.”  

DAYS WE FORGET is Part II of an on going series of story-telling concepts that tap into places old and new, tackling life’s revelations. Removing the unessential to express the essential, Bosco addresses his perspective on relationships, racial identity,  lifestyle changes, and pop culture, as he flows in character throughout the album, engaging his full self in sound and style, like a musical instrument with a playlist. Even exposing his own fears and anxieties.   


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